Terrine de foie gras mi-cuit

Difficulty: ★★☆


  • 600 grs. foie gras.
  • 6 gr. fine salt.
  • 4 gr. white pepper.
  • 3 gr. sugar.
  • 30 ml. Armagnac or Oporto.

Category: First course


Let the liver cool, outside the fridge, for a couple of hours before handling it. Separate the two foie lobes and shred it with the hands removing veins, green parts and thin membranes. Sauté foie lightly high-heat in a Magefesa Nonstick Aluminum Vitalia Skillet. Move it away and season with salt, sugar, pepper and the chosen liqueur. Let it soften for about 20 min. in a frozen bag, if possible, and move it from time to time so that it softens evenly. Pour foie into a rectangular mould wrapped with transparent plastic wrapping paper, seal with the paper and put some weight on to press. Place the mould bain-marie at 120º C for 20 min. Le it rest in the fridge for hours. Serve with hazelnut bread (see recipe); sugar coated apples or red berries, Pedro Ximenez reduction, figs, etc.
When it comes time to cut foie terrine it is convenient to use a knife warmed into hot water so that foie does not crumble. We can find different types of foie at the market; ones are more yellowish than other ones, which show the amount of fat they may contain and wether ducks have been fed with more corn or less. The whitest livers are used for cold makings and the yellow ones for hot makings. The suitable weight of a liver for mi-cuit is between 450 and 600 gr.
To check a good quality liver’s texture and whether it decreases or not, place it on your hand and press with your thumb on, so that meat will easily go down.  The texture of the terrine will depend on the size of the shredded liver when cleaning it.