Prisma 4+6 Qt.

Prisma 4+6 Qt.

3 piece super fast pressure cooker

Stainless steel

Capacity: 4.2 Qt. – 6.3 Qt. servings

Easy opening

Easy storage

5 security systems

Thermal diffusing base “Impact-bonded bottom”

Suitable for all types of cooking surfaces.

Preserves more vitamins and minerals

Cook up to 5 times quicker

Save up to 70% on energy

Stainless steel


Easy to use

Easy cleaning


3-6 servings


More Information

Magefesa has been making pressure cookers for over 50 years. making it the market leader in this type of fast and super-fast cooking pot. MAGEFESA is  a leading Spanish household goods brand with a strong presence in the international market. Customers are highly loyal to the brand, thanks to our hard work over the years to develop a trusted kitchen companion.
To ensure we keep this loyalty, we are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards and finishes. When you buy a MAGEFESA pressure cooker, you are buying a product backed by a brand that has accumulated extensive knowledge of this product, ensuring it is easy to use, safe and durable, with a full warranty and eficient post-sales service.



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