Paella pan 13,5″ Combo Small – 4-6 Servings


Original price was: $129.99.Current price is: $99.99.

4-6 Servings

Easy to clean

Cool touch handles

Long life

Firewood, gas and oven safe

The Paella Combo for 4-6 people is a complete paella kit designed to cook our original paella in a clean and easy way, it includes: the Carbon Steel Paella pan for 4-6 people, the gas Burner with 2 rings and the Reinforced Tripod. All the products in this pack have been tested and selected by paella masters so that all its components are compatible and work perfectly with each other. Made in Spain.


Paella Pan 13,5″ (4-6 Servings): Carbon Steel. Long life and easy to clean.

Paella pan burner  (Medium size): Great for outdoor cooking. Easy to use.

Reinforced burner tripod: These reinforced tripod legs provide a convenient way to lift our gas paella burners up to table level. The legs slip onto the burner and are tightened with thumb screws (no screwdriver needed), and you can easily adjust each leg to level the burner. This stable set-up is made more secure by a triangle of three braces between the legs.


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