Ferro 12" Cast iron wok - Magefesa USA Kitchenware
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Ferro cast iron 12″

Ferro 12″ wok


Suitable for all cooking surfaces (gas, electric, ceramic, induction).

Oven safe

Optimum heat distribution

It preserves inherent nutrients, aromas and juiciness

Free of PFOA and PTFE

It does not absorb moisture, food odors or flavors

Energy saving

Porcelain enamel

Easy to clean



Easy to clean


Long life



Eco friendly


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One of Magefesa´s main aims is to make daily life easier in your kitchen. To do this, we have created a wide range of cast iron cookware pieces.
Cast iron is a quality and ultra-durable material that is ideal for food preparation and can be used for all your recipes. It works with all types of cookers, from traditional wood-fired stove tops to the latest generation of induction hobs.
Magefesa open stock pieces are meticulously designed with beautiful finished knobs, handles and accessories. Easy to wash, they will always stay shiny.


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