How to use your BBQ for successful grilling

Summer is the perfect time to fire up those grills and take advantage of the wonderful weather.
Here are a few tips to ensure super tasty results!

1. Preheat your grill 15 to 30 minutes before you intend to start cooking. If food doesn’t sizzle when you put it on the grates, your grill is not hot enough.

2. Before you start grilling, have all your cooking tools ready and close by before you start grilling including a spray water bottle in case of flare-ups. Avoid using a fork to turn meat as piercing will causes the juices to escape. Use a long-handled spatula or tong instead.

3. Use Marinades. They are great for adding flavor and also make wonders at tenderizing tougher meat cuts. So the longer you keep the ingredients in the marinade, the better. If you are going to use it for basting, make sure you boil it first to kill any bacteria that may be present. Keep marinade in the fridge for several hours or overnight and remember to bring items to room temperature before grilling.

4. Maintaining your grill clean is crucial. Use a little soapy water at the beginning of the season. Then scrub the grates with a wire brush after each use. Applying a thin layer of oil to the grates not only will prevent the food from sticking to the grill, it will also make cleanup a breeze!

5. When using a sauce containing sugar, wait until the last 10-15 minutes to apply the sauce. Otherwise the sugar will caramelize and burn the surface.

6. If you’re grilling vegetables, keep the lid up to prevent a rubbery texture. Brush the vegetables with oil before placing them on the grill to prevent them from sticking to the grates. Cut them into uniform size pieces to guarantee an even cooking. And remember, the larger and thicker the pieces the longer they will take to grill.

7. Paying close attention to cooking times is important to ensure successful results. Always use an instant read thermometer to make sure foods are cooked thoroughly.

8. Once grilled, let the meat rest off the heat for 5 minutes. This will allows it to redistribute all the juices back to its connective tissues, resulting in juicier, tenderer meat cuts.

9. Build up your confidence! Start off by cooking something easy that doesn’t require much expertise, such as burgers, a simple strip of loin steak, or some vegetables. As you get the hang out of it, you can jump into cuts that require more monitoring throughput.