How to use simple cooking tricks on everyday ingredients

To prevent  food preparations with avocado (i.e. Guacamole) from browning, leave the pit inside the container where the avocado is until serving time.

Sea water:

The best way to boil seafood is using sea water. If we don’t have the possibility to get it, we can make it ourselves. The proportion to use is 1.2 oz of salt per liter of water. It is recommended to use sea salt for this.

Ta prevent artichokes from browning once peeled, submerged them in water with a few sprigs of parsley. This way we prevent oxidation, avoiding the acidity that results when using lemon for it.

To soften the strong flavor of garlic when  used raw in dishes, blanch it three times .Place it in a saucepan  with cold water, bring to a boil and  drain. Repeat the process three times.  If having problems digesting the garlic, cut it lengthwise and remove the central seed with a paring knife.


To peel tomatoes easily,  make  a few superficial cross cuts in the area opposite the stem, submerge it in  boiling water for a few seconds, then place it in ice water. You will be able to peel it without taking any pulp with it.


To prevent possible salmonella contamination, avoid cracking the eggs on the edge of the container in which you are going to beat them, or which contains other foods,  as the shell is the main source of bacteria.

To get perfect, loose rice, sauté the grains in the oil and, once cooked, remove the lid, turn the heat off and place a paper towel or a clean kitchen cloth over the pan for 5 minutes.