How to use a pressure cooker steamer basket

When we often buy a pressure cooker, we do not really know the amount of products and techniques that we can carry out with it. Among the many roles of our MAGEFESA pressure cookers we can find steaming food.
The main usefulness of the steamer basket is to separate the food that we are going to cook from the required liquid to create steam. With our MAGEFESA pressure cooker, we can cook steamed vegetables, fish, seafood, poultry, etc. We should always read and follow the pieces of advice given in the instructions of our pressure cooker, in relation to the minimum amount of liquid needed for steaming.

Apart from safety tips, we can give you some other ones in order to get better results:

To generate steam, use broths, bottoms, or some water with aromatic ingredients such as spices, vegetables, aromatic herbs, wine, etc.
In case of using water, boil it for a few moments before placing the basket and close the cooker.
If our cooker counts with several positions or pressure levels, always choose the lowest one.
Use properly fitted cooking time to avoid overcooking, especially fish and seafood.
When cooking fish or succulent food, brush or grease the basket slightly to prevent the ingredients from sticking.

And other basket utilities, apart from steaming, can be:

Separate food with different cooking times, food that we later want to throw away, or food that we want to serve separately, vegetables, legumes, rice, etc.
If we use the cooker to sterilize tinned food, we will use the steamer basket to separate the pots from the bottom of the pot.
In the same way, it is useful for crème caramel and terrine bain-marie cooking.