How to save overheated chocolate

Chocolate is extremely sensitive to high temperatures and melts at a relatively low temperature. For this reason, if certain care is not taken when melting it, overheating may occur. If you can’t prevent this from happening, here are some tips to help you recover your chocolate from disaster.

Cool the overheated chocolate as soon as possible. The shorter the time the chocolate is exposed to high temperatures, the more chances you will have to save it. Remove the pan from the heat and transfer the chocolate to a separate bowl. Make sure the bowl is perfectly dry to avoid seizing (this is what happens when particles in cocoa butter come into contact with water, turning the chocolate into a solid mass). Next, incorporate a few pieces of solid chocolate and stir thoroughly until melted. This will immediately lower the temperature of the overheated chocolate.

If the chocolate is still grainy and lumpy, strain it through a sieve to ensure a smooth, creamy texture. Not working? Add vegetable oil, using one tablespoon for every six ounces of chocolate, and stir until well combined into the mixture. Or try using a hand blender to fully emulsify the chocolate.

If none of these tips can save your chocolate, don’t throw it out! You can always use it in baking recipes. Only, next time, make sure you turn the heat off before adding the chocolate. This will prevent it from getting scorched.