How to keep your kitchen clutter-free

A well-organized kitchen will create a more efficient environment for food preparation, cooking and cleaning. It will save you time and prevent minor accidents in the kitchen. If you are one of those who make a huge mess while cooking, it is time to follow next organizing tips for keeping an organized Kitchen. Take them into account and enjoy your time at the kitchen!

Do not mix things up
In order to cook comfortably and not waste time, it is important that you consider making different designated sections. Store all the spices in the same place and the legumes, rice, pasta and other non-perishable foods, in another group. Also, store the cooking oil and the salt in a different place.

Give everyday items prime counter space
The kitchen is all about location where only a small selection of ingredients, appliances and utensils are allowed to reside. Keep frequently used ingredients and cookware visible, next to the counter to save time when cooking your meals. Make sure that whatever you do keep on the countertop is functional and essential to your cooking.

Separate the food from the kitchenware and cleaning supplies 
It seems obvious but you may get surprised to see how many people keep their cleaning supplies dispersed throughout the kitchen, intermingled with ingredients. The cleaning supplies could be stored under the sink, in the same place where the garbage can or recycling bins are. Kitchen cabinet storage bins are perfect to avoid bad smells in the kitchen.

Hang your cookware
Choose one of the following options to store your kitchenware, or choose both!
Save cupboard space by hanging your pots and lids together, this makes them easy to grab for cooking, especially if you cook often.
You can also stack pots to create additional storage space in your kitchen. Use dividers to prevent damage to your kitchenware while stored.  Store your pots and pans in a pantry or closed cabinet, so they do not collect grease and dust and you will keep your kitchen organized and tidy.

Keep the countertop clear
Clutter starts at the countertop, clean and clear counters. Resist the urge to use the countertop as a drop-off place for mail, keys, magazines, dirty dishes, and all of life’s miscellanea. Keeping your countertop neat and clear will make you cook comfortably. Make sure that whatever you do keep on the countertop is functional and essential to your cooking.
Clean up the counter as soon as possible after preparing food and wipe down the surface to avoid food contamination. Professional chefs are trained to keep their workspaces clean while preparing their recipes to prevent food mix-ups and potential contamination.

Use the pantry
Do not overload your cupboards with food and other objects that you will not use daily. The pantry is the perfect place to store them. Organize the products by sections and use furniture with adjustable shelves to make the most of the gaps between shelves. Raise your shelves and take advantage of the space closest to the ceiling to store those lighter items that you use less frequently. You will only need a small ladder to reach them easily.

Now that you know how to keep your kitchen neat and tidy, you just have to put these tips into practice and, most importantly, dedicate time to cooking