How to desalt salt cod

Drying cod and preserving it in salt enhances the texture of the cod fish and brings out a flavor you never get when cooking fresh cod fish. However, before you can turn your raw salt cod into succulent recipes it will be necessary to desalt it and rehydrate it properly. Most salt cod is sold with the skin still attached. If you don’t want the skin on your filets remove it prior to desalting. It will be easier this way. Place the fillet on a cutting board with the skin side facing down.

Using a sharp knife, lift the skin away from the flesh by cutting through the fillet at the tail end all the way down to the skin. Then grasp the skin and firmly peel it away from the flesh.

To prevent your cod from coming out bland and insipid you will want to keep some of the salt but not that much, so timing is key here. When desalting fillets or small loin piece, let them soaking for at least 24 hours, changing the water 6 or more times. If what we have is shredded cod fish, do it for a minimum of 18 hours, and replace the water at least 5 times.