How to buy and enjoy quality meat cuts on a budget

If you are not a vegetarian, you’ll have noticed  the most expensive item on your shopping list is usually meat.
Here are some tips on how to enjoy good quality meat dishes without spending a fortune.

Choose the right cut of meat. When cooking on a budget meat experts recommend buying cuts such as chuck roast or flap steak. These are cheaper than most popular cuts and, if prepared properly, will offer the flavor and tenderness you are striving for.
Chuck roast is quite versatile and a great alternative when preparing kabobs, stews, and soups. Browning is the key to lock in the juices and flavors. When cooking chuck roast, season the piece and brown both sides until they are about as dark as you can get without burning them.
Flap steak is also a great cut of beef, similar to skirt or flank steak. Although less tender than premium cuts, it tastes wonderful marinated and grilled. It presents well at the table and, thinly sliced, makes the perfect main ingredient for fajitas and tacos. These cuts will also benefit from beer-based marinades as the acid contained in beer breaks down the meat protein, tenderizing it.


Use a pressure cooker. Another fantastic way to make the most out of the less tender pieces of meat is pressure cooking. It makes inexpensive cuts fall apart tender and come out moist and full of flavor. Pressure cooking also minimizes the time, temperature, and water used during the cooking process, key factors in food nutrient preservation.