Tomato soup with mussels

Difficulty: ★★☆


  • 800 gr. Ripe tomatoes.
  • 12 Mussel.
  • 1 Onion.
  • 1 Leak.
  • 1 Stalk of celery.
  • 2 Garlic cloves.
  • 100 ml. Cream 18 % fat.
  • 30 ml. White wine.
  • 1 Parsley sprig.
  • Salt, white pepper.
  • Extra virgin olive oil.
  • Fresh basil (to taste).
  • Vegetable broth.
  • 1 tbs. Sugar.
  • 2 Slices of bread (sliced bread).

Category: First course


Chop the onion, leak, celery and cloves of garlic into fine brunoise. Chop peeled tomatoes into sections. Dice bread into small dices and fry them into olive oil until golden brown. Set them on absorbent kitchen paper. Start by heating some extra virgin olive oil in a Magefesa Dutch Oven. When hot, add the onion and let it poach for about 5 minutes over medium heat. Mix in the leak, celery and garlic. Season and continue poaching until the whole turns soft and transparent. Add chopped tomatoes, a tablespoon sugar and sauté for some minutes, dampen the whole with the vegetable broth until tomatoes are covered, spice with some basil. Let it cook over medium heat for 20 min.
While the soup is cooking, steam mussels until they are open. Pour some white wine in a Magefesa Dutch Oven together with a parsley sprig and a clove of garlic. Add the mussels and let them open over high heat with the Dutch oven covered.
Remove the mussels from their shells and keep them into their boiling strained juice. Set the soup in a Magefesa Stela Liquidizer until we get a uniform and thin texture, add the cream and the boiling juice from mussels, and adjust salt and pepper.
Serve the soup accompanied by the mussels, bread croutons and a bit celery chopped into thin cubes.