Sweet apple omelette

Difficulty: ★☆☆


  • 6 Eggs.
  • 2 Granny Smith apples.
  • 1 Orange.
  • Ground cinnamon.
  • ¼ Cup sugar.
  • Butter.

Category: Appetizers


Peel apples, remove core and chop into thin slices. Melt a nut of butter in the smaller diameter pan of the Magefesa Due Fritatta pan set. Add apples and sugar and caramelize over low heat until the apple is soft. In the meantime, juice the orange and beat with the eggs and a pinch of ground cinnamon. Add the apple slices to the beaten eggs and mix well.
Heat a little butter in the same pan used to caramelize the apples. When melted, pour the egg and apple mixture and cook for 3 to 4 minutes over medium heat. Close with the second pan of the Magefesa Due Frittata pan set (once butter-greased and heated). Flip the pan set and let cook for a few minutes until eggs are set to your taste. Serve with fruit jam or melted chocolate. If you have a salamander or a crème brûlée torch, sprinkle a little sugar evenly over the entire surface of the omelets and caramelize it. For individual omelets, divide mixture in four parts and cook as French omelets.