Spinach and ricotta cannelloni

Difficulty: ★★★


For the filling…
  • 300 g raw spinach
  • 200g ricotta cheese
  • 25 g raw and peeled pine nuts
  • 50g raisins
  • 12 durum wheat cannelloni
For the bechamel…
  • 40g of butter
  • 500g whole milk
  • 35g oatmeal
  • The liquid drained from the spinach
  • 1 tsp of truffle sauce (10g)
  • Nutmeg, black pepper and salt to taste

Category: Main course


The first thing we will do is cook the filling, for this we toast the pine nuts with the raisins in a pan without any oil over medium heat and reserve. You have to be careful because they burn very quickly, by roasting them we enhance their flavor and aroma.
In the same pan we add EVOO and cook the spinach with salt until they lose all the water, it will take about 5 minutes and they will reduce their volume to about a quarter.
Place the cooked spinach in a large colander with a clean bowl underneath, add the raisins with the pine nuts and the ricotta cheese. Mix and let cool and drain while you prepare the bechamel. We will take advantage of the liquid that comes out to make the bechamel.
To make the bechamel we use a non-stick saucepan, it is very important that it allows us to toast the butter and flour well without sticking. I have used the At that moment we add the milk (+ the liquid drained from the spinach), all at once and with a few rods we will not stop stirring until the mixture begins to thicken. Do not lose patience, it will take another five minutes and you will see how the texture changes. So that lumps do not form, it is best not to stop stirring and to have the fire at medium-high power (on my hob I have set level 12 over 15). We can add nutmeg and black pepper to taste. At this time we add the truffle sauce and correct the salt point. Add about 150 g of bechamel to the spinach filling and mix well. MAGEFESA saucepan from the PRISMA line that allows me to cook with uniform heat and absolutely nothing sticking.
First we melt and toast the butter, for this we put the medium heat and let it take on a toasted color and begin to smell of dried fruit, it is what is called “hazelnut butter” in the kitchen.
At that moment we add the oatmeal and toast it for as long as it takes until it stops smelling of raw flour, this step is very important, since it will give us a lot of flavor to the bechamel. Approximately five minutes will have to be stirred while the flour is toasted.

Put a couple of saucepans of béchamel sauce in a tray suitable for the oven and fill the cannelloni with the spinach and place them on the tray.
We cover all the cannelloni with more bechamel and decorate with grated Parmesan cheese or the one we like the most.
Bake at 200ºC for 20 minutes and they would be ready.
Spinach is an extremely nutritious vegetable, rich in both basic nutrients and phytochemicals. The main micronutrients in spinach are vitamins A (from β-carotene), C, K and folate, and the minerals calcium, iron and potassium. Spinach also provides fiber and is low in calories. The most important phytochemicals are carotenoids, β-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, and phenolic compounds. Several studies have shown that spinach has strong antioxidant activity. Antioxidant activity is important as many chronic diseases and health problems are believed to be associated with aging as a result of excessive oxidative stress. One of the main health benefits attributed to two main compounds in spinach, lutein and zeaxanthin, is to protect against eye diseases such as ocular degeneration (gradual loss of central vision, associated with old age). Laboratory and epidemiological studies have also shown that spinach can delay age-related loss of brain function. Everyone eat spinach!