Red berry tepid soup with white chocolate mousse

Difficulty: ★★☆


Ingredients for the soup:

  • 100 gr. Strawberries
  • 50 gr. Blackberries
  • 50 gr. Raspberries
  • 20 gr. Blueberries
  • 75 ml. Water
  • 75 gr. Brown sugar
  • 2 mint Leaves

Ingredients for chocolate mousse:

  • 75 ml. Milk
  • 100 gr. White chocolate covering
  • 100 gr. Whipped cream 48% fat
  • 35 gr. Sugar
  • 1,5 Jelly leaves
  • 1 Lime

Category: Desserts


For the soup:
Wash red berries thoroughly, dice strawberries with a similar size as the rest of fruits. Make syrup with water, sugar and mint in a Magefesa Stainless Steel Casserole, leave it to reduce for some minutes and add red berries and move it away from the stove and leave it to cool.
For the mousse:
Hydrate jelly leaves into cold water. Heat milk together with the bark of a lime in a Magefesa Stainless Steel Royal Milk Server until boiling, move away and leave it to cool.
Add well-drained jelly leaves.  Whip cream together with sugar in a Magefesa Bowl Mixer with a set of beater hooks. Move it away and keep in the fridge.
Add chocolate covering in the same mixer and pour tepid milk (250ºF. approximately) little by little and beat at the same time until well emulsified. Change the set of beater hooks by the dough hook one, add whipped cream to chocolate cream and stir it softly. It is important to wait until chocolate cream is between 186ºF and 203ºF. before adding whipped cream.
With the help of a cylindrical mould, place a chocolate mousse core on a soup dish, decorate with some mint leaves and pour red berry tepid soup around chocolate mousse when serving. As it is a special recipe for Valentine’s Day, ingredients are calculated for two people. If we want to give a smart and sophisticated touch to the dessert, we can powder eatable gold flakes.