Halloween recipes – Merengue bones and ghosts

Difficulty: ★★☆


  • 8 Egg whites.
  • 1 Lb Sugar.
  • 1 Pinch Salt.

Category: Desserts


In a stainless steel pastry bowl mix egg whites and sugar. Place bowl over a bain-marie. With the help of a Magefesa blender (with the mixing attachment on) begin to mount egg whites into stiff peaks, being careful not to overheat it (temperature shouldn’t go beyond 140°F). Once the meringue is firm, place inside a pastry bag with a round tip. Shape meringue into bones on a parchment paper oven. Place in the oven at 265°F-285°F and cook until dry and crispy. Decorate with a few threads of red fruit coulis, resembling blood.
You can also prepare small ghosts with the meringue. Just take into account that the interior would come out juicier once baked, and they should be consumed within a few hours. Let cool and place in a dry airtight container, where they can be kept for a few days.