Halloween recipes – Halloween popcorns

Difficulty: ★☆☆


  • 2 Microwave popcorn packets.
  • 50 gr. Butter.
  • 250 gr. Marshmallows.
  • Oreo cookies (or similar).
  • M&M´s color sweets (or similar).
  • Toasted nuts (pistachios, almonds o nuts).

Category: Appetizers


Prepare popcorns according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Keep them in a large bowl. Chop the cookies, nuts and keep. Melt butter over low heat in a Magefesa Coral Wok. Do not let it browned. Add the marshmallows and keep them over low heat, stir until completely melted. We can be helped with a cooking silicone spatula to prevent marshmallows from sticking while melting. Once melted, add the cream to popcorns slowly and continue stirring until cream is well shared. Share popcorns in small portions on a baking sheet greased with butter. Sprinkle the rest of the ingredients all over while hot, so that they stick on. Let them cool before serving.
A great variety of toppings and sprinkles can be used to decorate or popcorns. We may find them in specialized stores, Web Pages and even with Halloween designs.