Cod with pil pil sauce

Difficulty: ★★☆


  • 1 kg. Cod (4 loins).
  • 6 garlic Cloves.
  • 2 dried Chili peppers chopped into rings.
  • 300 ml. Virgin olive oil.

Category: Main course


Desalt the cod in a pan with cold water for 48h and change water every 6 hours. Keep preferably in the fridge. Heat oil in a Magefesa Gourmet skillet and brown the sliced garlic with the chili peppers. Drain and keep. Place the cod loins on the oil with the skin upwards; fry them over low medium heat for 4 or 5 min each side, depending on the thickness. Remove and keep. Let the oil cool, away from the stove. We will see that 2 layers have been formed, the upper one with oil and another one below with whey and gelatin. If we can, we will separate them. When the oil is warm, pour a dash of it into the skillet together with a bit gelatin, mix well by making circling movements and add the oil and gelatin slowly until we get a thicken sauce.
Set the loins on the sauce, let them cool for some minutes over low heat and continue making circling movements. Serve the cod with the pil pil sauce and decorate with sliced garlic and chili peppers.
When frying the cod, it is important that the oil is not too hot, 150ºC. maximum, so that it can be well preserved in syrup and lose the gelatin. A very effective trick is to bind the sauce with the help of a strainer, melt with circling movements while we add the oil and gelatin slowly. The pil pil technique may seem complex sometimes but the quality of the cod is essential to get good results.

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