Silicone Gasket – Practika Plus 3-4 Qt. 7″

The original Magefesa spare part should be replaced in the following way:
  • Suitable for PRACTIKA PLUS 3-4 Qt.
  • Diameter: 7″.
  • Remove the old silicon gasket.
  • Put new silicon Magefesa gasket in place of the faulty one.
  • The silicon gasket is made from durable materials. Wash with warm water and a neutral soap. Dry the lid and gasket with a soft cloth and place correctly after each use.
  • When storing, place the lid facing downwards allowing for ventilation.


More Information

WARNING: The Silicone gasket is considered worn out once the pressure cooker looses steam from the side. For your safety we recommend that you change the gasket every two years.



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