Practika 7 Pieces Cookware Set

Practika 7 Pieces Cookware Set



Stainless steel

6 servings


Easy to clean

Long lasting material

Practika 7 Piece Set

Made of Stainless steel

4 mm. Glass lids with steam vent

Capsule base

Thermo insulated handles

Interior & exterior polished finish

Easy to clean

Suitable for gas, electric, vitro ceramic and induction cookers

INDUXAL hi tech bottom

Piece Dimensions
6.4 Qt. Stewpot with lid 9,44” W x 5,31 H
3 Qt. Stewpot with lid 7,08” W x 3,54” H
1,6 Qt. Saucepan with lid 6,29” W x 3,14” H
9” Frying pan 9,44” W x 2,55” H


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