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Fit Red 9″

Fit Red 9″

Beautifully designed in vibrant colors and appealing convex lines with retro references

Heavy gauge carbon steel construction heats fast and evenly providing superior cooking results

Thickly enameled for long lasting appearance and ultra fast cleaning

Triple layer nonstick interior coating perfect for fat free or minimal oil cooking

Bakelite heat guards accent the handles while ensuring a comfortable and secure grip

Suitable for all types of hobs

Available in different colors


Easy to clean

Long lasting materials


Cold touch handles


More Information

The frypan is a multi-functional utensil that can be used to fry, stir fry, sauté, poach, etc., whatever the recipe.
Our many and varied frypans are all atractively designed and highly practical. They have ergonomic bakelite or steel handles and top quality anti-stick coatings, making them an everyday favorite in many kitchens.




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