Fit Black 7 Pieces Cookware Set

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Fit Black 7 Pieces Cookware Set




Easy to clean

Cooking surfaces

Long lasting material

Cool touch handles

Glass tempered lids

Fit Black 7 pcs

Beautifully designed in vibrant colors and appealing convex lines with retro references.

Heavy gauge carbon steel construction heats fast and evenly providing superior cooking results.

Thickly enameled for long lasting appearance and ultra fast cleaning.

Triple layer nonstick interior coating perfect for fat free or minimal oil cooking.

Tempered glass lids feature steam vents and wide stainless steel rims for added protection.

Bakelite heat guards accent the handles while ensuring a comfortable and secure grip.

Suitable for all types of hobs.

Available in different colors

  • 5-Qt. Dutch Oven with Lid.
  • 4-Qt. Dutch Oven with Lid.
  • 2-Qt. Saucepan with Lid.
  • 9” Frypan.


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