Family 9 Pieces Cookware Set

Family 9 Pieces Cookware Set



Stainless steel

Easy to clean


Mirror polish

Stainless steel lids

Family 9 Pcs

Made of stainless steel

Finish: inner satin polish and outer mirror polish

Stainless steel lids

Suitable for all types of cooking surfaces: gas, electric, Induction and vitro ceramic cookers

Diffusing bottom that assures a homogenous distribution of the heat

Piece Dimensions
4 Qt. Casserole pot with lid 9,4″ W x 4,3″ H
3,8 Qt. Stockpot with lid 7,8″ W x 4,3″ H
2,5 Qt. Low casserole with lid 9,4″ W x 2,7″ H
1 Qt. Saucepan 5,5″ W x 2,7 ” W.
8″ Skillet


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